Accepting My Opportunity

There is so much to cover in these two chapters that I don’t even know where to begin. So, as an intro let me start with a question. What is up with Mark 8:22-26? 


I have no answers or insights and would love some feedback. So far we have seen Jesus do tons of far out, crazy things including restoring sight. Why, in this passage, does he do it in two tries? It obviously isn’t because he can’t do it, we’ve seen him do it before. As with anything in the Bible, if it is there it’s there for a reason and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 


I find v. 24 very interesting: He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” My assumption is that this verse has something to do with seeing things clearly but I can’t quite figure it out or see the application. Help! I would love to hear some interpretation. 


Mark 9:32 But they did not understand what he meant and were afraid to ask Him about it. 

This verse jumped off the page at me. After being called into discipleship this group of men have been traveling with Jesus and witnessing first hand the fulfillment of ancient prophesy. They have lived out the intense experience of His public ministry and are now retreating from the crowds that followed them to Galilee and were being drawn into an intimate, personal time of teaching with the Master. Take in that thought for a moment. 


What would you do if you were being physically called away from your crazy, busy lifestyle to spend time alone with God? What would you do if he took you away from your family, your work, your routine and said ‘Come with me. I want to be alone with you. I want to teach you about who I am and explain all of the things I have said to you and all of the things you have seen, I want to equip you.”  What an opportunity! Yet the disciples did not understand the teaching and were to afraid to ask. What a missed opportunity!


The hard truth of this passage is that all to often God calls us into a solitary place so we can listen, learn, understand, be equipped. And all too often we miss the opportunity. I know I do. And like the disciples, I often find myself listening to God and not understanding the purpose of His message. Because His ways are NOT my ways it is easy for me to be confused or miss the point. 


And what happens when God sends me a message that I don’t really get? More often than not I chose not to ask him about it because I am afraid. What if he wants me to sacrifice something? Better not ask. What if he wants me to surrender my husband or my kids? Better not ask. What if he wants me to forgive or turn the other cheek? Better not ask. I would rather miss an opportunity to question, discern, and clarify Gods messages because I am afraid that if I do I will have to act on them. 


I pray that God will continue to call me into the quite even though he knows that I will squander my opportunity to ask and understand. I pray that, in His mercy, he will continue to share His inner most thoughts with me and that I will learn to trust Him enough to question Him when I don’t understand the meaning. I pray that I will be brave enough to hear the answers and will no longer let fear stand in the way of my blessing. 



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4 responses to “Accepting My Opportunity

  1. Anonymous

    These chapters made me think about faith. Here are the disciples discussing how they have no bread just after watching Jesus feed the 4,000 and the 5,000 before that. That passage makes me reflect on all the energy I’ve wasted worrying in my life. God has taken care of everything; if he could feed the 5,000 he can feed the 12. Chapter 9 v. 24 also is a verse I’ve prayed many times when I’ve felt myself leaning on my own understanding and things not working out as I’d expected.
    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – 01:52 PM

  2. Anonymous

    I feel a certain amount of comfort by these chapters. If the disciples have a hard time with their faith even though they spend everywaking minute with Jesuswatching him perform miracles it is comforting to me when my faith isn’t as strong. We all have weak moments but hopefully come back with a renewed strength that we couldn’t have had otherwise. I also appreciated the verse where the 12 said they saw a man performing miracles in Jesus’ name and they told him to stop because he wasn’t one of them. Jesus told them not to stop people who believe and are spreading their faith with good deeds. It shows God wants all of us to share our faith.
    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – 08:00 PM

  3. Anonymous

    Our old friend Matthew Henry says the healing of the blind man was down in two stages for these possible reasons:
    1. Jesus did not limit Himself to any one particular method of healing. Sometimes He healed by “saying the word only,” sometimes there was a healing touch; in this case He made an eye-salve of spittle. I would say we never now exactly how God is going to bless; sometimes He blesses in this way, sometimes in another way.
    2. No mention is made of the blind man’s faith; his friends brougth him to Jesus, they had the faith that Jesus could heal. So for the blind man; at first his faith was weak; then it gathered strength as he gained imperfect sight. It was done unto him according to his faith, and Jesus provided a means for his faith to be strengthened.
    3. By healing in stages, Jesus provides an allegory of the healing of spiritual blindness. At first we see “men as trees walking,” but as Christ gives us light, we finally see clearly.
    Henry also notes that Jesus does nothing by halves.
    I recently heard a snide remark from a seminary prof re: Matthew Henry that “we have many more up-to-date commentators.” Maybe so, but we don’t have so many who actually give you the sense of Scripture.
    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – 08:03 PM

  4. Anonymous

    I thought the Rev points are extremely good and I would probably take most of those points as well. If I could add a couple more points that could have possibly happened. Sometimes we can look at ministry as instant. Healing answer to prayer, deliverance ect.. Sometimes it’s the process we go through is the deliverance rather than the the deliverance itself. I had as I spoke about earlier an anxiety issue. It was the process of healing that healed me not the wham bam, thank you, prayer that healed me. Process is healing.
    Another thought I had was when he tried healing the first time that could be like the truth. The percieved truth. It may be Truth but maybe a little watered down. You can see maybe not crystal clear. Modern Day “Seeker Friendly” churches. Use truth to gather the Masses. Don’t offend to much. Second attempt is the full straight truth, not watered down. Calling His children to His Glory type of truth.
    I think all points were extremely good by every person. This is so awesome. I am learning so much and enjoying. You guys are awesome!!!
    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – 09:48 PM

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