Legendary Devotion

We don’t entertain at our home a lot but when we do it is typically something that we plan somewhat carefully. My husband and I consider what activities our guests enjoy, what foods and drinks they like, if we should lock up our dogs. We want our friends to enjoy their time with us and know that we have taken the time to prepare some ‘extra amenities’ (like the nice, non-cartoon themed bathroom towels) for them. 


Imagine if Jesus was coming over to hang out and have a meal. I would hope that we would do more than our customary clean sweep of the house (or at lest the visible parts of the house) and breaking out of the nice serving platters. But what would we really do to honor the King of Kings if he were in our home?


In Mark 14:3-9 Jesus visits Mary, Martha and Lazarus in their home and shares a meal with His friends. During the meal Mary walked into the room carrying a jar of expensive perfume and anointed Jesus with it as a sign of honor. While some of the dinner guests scoffed that she was squandering such an expensive item, Mary poured the perfume over His head in an act of devotion. 


What would I do to show my devotion to the one I call God? Would I think that offering Jesus the ‘extra amenities’ of my life is a sufficient honor…the fancy hand soaps perhaps? Or would I offer a sacrificial act of worship and devotion to honor him in my presence? If I’m being honest on most days I offer Him the hand soaps – just enough to show that I am going a little bit above my own expectation but not enough to truly show my devotion.


Mark 14:9 is the verse that really spoke to me in this passage. “Truly I say to you, where ever the gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will be spoken of in memory of her.” I long to be so devoted to Jesus that my acts of love would make history in all the world for all generations! I pray that I will be forgiven for foolishly offering Jesus only the extra amenities of my life. I pray that I will daily honor Him with sacrificial acts of devotion and worship and that His spirit will work in me to transform my small acts of worship into heart felt legendary acts of devotion that truly honor my God. 




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4 responses to “Legendary Devotion

  1. Nicole
    Am striving for total devotion today after having been humbled by my empty alabaster box and am praying that the Word will continue to speak truth into our hearts.
    Thursday, April 30, 2009 – 11:15 AM

  2. Anonymous

    Something to think about: Is your faith strong enough that you’d stand up and announce being a follower if faced with the crowd the disciples faced? I’d like to think I wouldn’t be afraid and I’d stand up for my beliefs. Don’t forget even Jesus asked to be given a repreive from the sufering God had in store for him.The best we can do is pray during weak moments and ask God for the strength to follow through with the plans he has for us.
    Thursday, April 30, 2009 – 07:46 PM

  3. Anonymous

    Am striving for total devotion today after having been humbled by my empty alabaster box and am praying that the Word will continue to speak truth into our hearts.
    Thursday, April 30, 2009 – 11:15 AM

  4. Anonymous

    I have to say I often feel challenged by the same thing Nicole is saying above. Another thing that struck me in these chapters is chapter 14 verses 57 and following. I never noticed before how intent Jesus was on getting to the cross. Not only did he allow himself to be arrested, when the human authorities proved incompetent at convicting him of an execution-worthy offense, he stepped up himself and made sure that they had a satisfactory reason for seeking the death penalty. It just reinforces how deep his love for us is and how firmly committed he was to submitting to the Father’s will 100% of the way. Awesome.
    Thursday, April 30, 2009 – 09:06 PM

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