Me and My Family


My husband Jesse and I live in Michigan with our three children, two dogs, and one rather fat, lazy cat named Steve. 


I love to blog my thoughts about life, family, faith, culture, and my relationship with God. This blog is all about thoughts and reflections (and occasional rants) from my personal Bible study.


The Wick Family blog will be moving to WordPress soon. I hope you will check it out when it’s ready. On the family blog you can see us doing life unposed and on the move since all post photos are taken in the moment by my adulterous lover the Blackberry Bold (Why isn’t Blackberry paying me already?). Stay tuned for the new link.


Here are the most important facts about me: I am completely in love with my husband and kids. I spend my time in a desperate pursuit of God and His truth.











One response to “Me and My Family

  1. Wow! You look so happy! What beautiful family pics!!

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